Monday, February 17, 2014

Precious Pearls

When we moved, we sold all of the boys' and girl's bikes. They were all used and I think we sold them for just about what we bought them for. That's always a good feeling. Emery has always loved riding her bike the most out of all the kids. So we decided to get her a bike.
It was raining when we got it so Emery didn't get outside to ride it for a few days, but that was ok. She pretended to ride in our living room. This is her first brand new bike, and she was thrilled. It's called Precious Pearls, a Target special! I went out for a jog today with her riding next to me. I was huffing it, but I kept up with her.
We also have a rink for roller skating in a park here in town. Emery loves to roller skate too.
Look at her go!

Saturday, February 8, 2014


We recently made an addition to the Lee family. Welcome Poofy. He or she (we're not sure yet) is our little bunny.
He (I think he's a he) is a cross between a typical rabbit and a lionhead rabbit. The boys and girl are absolutely thrilled to have him as a pet.
Emery has taken the lion's share (ha!) of his responsibilities and has been very faithful in it. She's the one that named him Poofy. He's really the perfect pet for us. He's super quiet, likes to be petted, doesn't smell or need a bath and pretty much just chills out all day.
I think Poofy has started to take a liking to us now. Matt is so scared of any and all animals that he's even afraid of a tiny rabbit. But at least he looks sharp in his new tie, eh?
I think he's ready to interview for Stanford.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Blast from the past

A few weeks ago, we just happened to be in Sunnyvale, CA and just a few blocks from where I just happened to live for 3 years as a kid. Mom and dad - I thought you'd get a kick out of this.
So we stopped by the old house on Bedford Ct. My favorite memory of this house is my dad hitting plastic golf balls from the driveway while I snagged them from the middle of the cul-de-sac. My bedroom is on the 2nd floor, all the way to the right.
I went to 4th and 5th grades at West Valley Elementary. This is where I lost my teeth spacers on accident to the wrath of my mom. This is also where I witnessed (not participated in) my first fight. I told the boys and girl about it - they were incredibly interested. Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Doesn't every kid yell that when there's a fight going on?