Sunday, September 27, 2015

Passport 2 Purity - Matt Style

As I did with Andrew years ago, I took Matt on an overnight to have the "manhood talk."
It was a great time together, talking about God's good design for marriage, sex, and dating. It was a bit more than he wanted, but it was cool as a dad to share this with my son.

We had some fun and went overboard with some ice cream. Matt somehow managed to finish it.
I think the best thing was that this wasn't the last conversation we're going to have on these topics, but it's hopefully the beginning of many more good times and maybe a few awkward moments too in these conversations! I realized that I should take both of the boys out for an annual purity weekend to guard our hearts and to keep us all focused on Christ.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Country Living in the City

One of the biggest surprises to living here in the SF Bay area with all of the conveniences of a major city is that we live a sort of country life, sort of.
As we look over the fence of our backyard, what do we see in the (sometimes) green rolling hills? Goats!
Lots of lots of goats.
And deer. And coyotes too, but I haven't been able to get a picture of one of those yet. They move too fast!
Nearby, they're even chickens that cross the road...don't ask.
We've even seen and caught some lizards, some big ones.

Well, Andrew has. Not everyone is brave enough for that (or fast enough!).
Plus, we can even forage for wild blackberries. Who knew that Norcal was so pastoral?

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Last year, we got an annual membership at Filoli. Although it is a ways away, we still utilized it and got our money's worth.
Sandy took Matt and Emz for one last trip in the spring when the tulips were in full bloom. We love tulips!
Sandy turned it into a school field trip, and they loved the scavenger hunt.
Mom got some Matt love. He doesn't look TOO pained, does he? Teenager distance from mom has already begun...
Thankfully, Sandy always has Emz! Thank God for daughters!
Emery loves being surrounded by flowers.
 And I was able to make it back from work to get in a picture too!
We'll miss you Filoli!