Saturday, December 24, 2016


Matt had his first concert as part of the percussion section of the Norse Band here at Benicia Middle School. He practices all instruments in the percussion section including the snare drum, the bass drum, and the mallets. But for the concert, he was on the xylophone.
Usually, you can't hear an individual instrument in the band, but with the xylophone, you can clearly hear him!
Matt is having a ton of fun. Nice job Matt!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Emery's Soccer

Emery played soccer for the first time this year, playing in the U12 division.
She did quite well despite being one of the youngest girls out there.
She mostly played midfield because of her speed and quickness. She was also responsible for throw-ins.
Here's a nice sequence where she makes a move to the outside.
Then cuts it back inside.
And now she's right by her defender, heading to the goal!
She had a pretty mediocre coach this year, but she did very well! Great job Emery!
She loved half time or should I say snack time.
I think our team, Tsunami Rush, definitely had the coolest banner.
Emery's team definitely had a lot of fun together and were very supportive of one another. It was a really good group of girls. And we also made a lot of improvement in our soccer playing too.
At the end of the year, I got to coach Emery's team for the Coach's Invitational. It was fun to play under the lights and win too!

Friday, December 2, 2016

Matt's Soccer

Matt played in his second season of soccer this fall and had a very nice year.

He practiced all year long and developed quite a few moves. I was impressed that he used most of those moves to pass very well. This one didn't end up in a goal, but he gave up his own shot to put the ball in the perfect place so someone else could score.

Matt got the "hockey" assist for this one. He got the pass before the pass that led to the goal. It was a fun to play with his buddy Joseph who got the goal and Richie who was a very good player.

I wish I got some more of his fancy footwork on film, but he's developed a lot of good moves.
Matt ended up scoring almost 10 goals during the season and guess who never got one on film! I know, I'm a bad dad or at least a bad camera man. While I missed the actual shot, at least I got proof that Matt's shot went into the goal. Does that count for something?
In the first game of the year, Matt was chosen as the player of the game with a goal, a sweet assist, and some nice hustle.
Unfortunately during the season, Matt had some heel pain and had to miss a couple of games. But his team, the Glow Sticks, ended up in 2nd place.
But the season ended well with Matt being chosen to play in the Coach's Invitational. He scored the lone goal for his team that night. Great job and great season Matt!