Sunday, July 27, 2014


This was our first trip to Oregon. I was surprised by how beautiful it looked.
Don't get me wrong. I thought Oregon would be pretty with lots of trees. But I didn't know it had a 611 foot tall waterfall (Multnomah Falls) that's taller than Niagara Falls.
Unfortunately, the boys and girl were were not as impressed with it as Sandy and I were.

But they did enjoy the International Rose Test Garden in Portland.
With thousands of roses, it was a FABULOUS place.
The girls definitely loved it.
But after strolling for a while...
The boys got wiped out in the sun and heat!

So we cooled off at one of the large and amazing rivers in Portland. There are so many rivers in Oregon that are so wide, they look like they could be lakes.
We also explored some of the coastal towns in Oregon. It was very scenic. This might be one of the few moments in his life where Andrew was quiet and seemingly reflective!
Sandy even got in a little mother son bonding! All in all, we really liked July!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Farm

We were blessed to visit the Petta Farm recently. It was so good to see the Petta's!
Unlike us in Kansas, the Petta's jumped right into farm life in Washington. The boys had a blast on the farm. Though you can see that Andrew just isn't quite so comfortable with least not on his shoulder.
Emery on the other hand LOVED the chickens.
And the bunnies.
And the goats. She even tried to milk them. Excuse the view.
But this is what the boys' really liked - driving the tractor! Matt was barely big enough to drive it, and he managed to not hit anything.
Tractors and guns! What's not to like?
Thank you Petta family for hosting us! It was a great time with great friends.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Look Who's Here!

Well, it finally happened....Sam and Char moved to CA! Welcome!
 They arrived just before July 4th, so they came over to watch the Benicia fireworks show.
 This was our view from where we were sitting. Unfortunately, we were pretty far from the fireworks and that tree on that left partially blocked our view. Next year we'll know where to camp out for the best show.
The kids are SOOO happy to have them nearby. They can't wait to visit their new place for a sleepover party!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Happy Birthday Emery!

Our little princess turned 8 over the weekend. I can't believe it!
Finally, after 7 years of trying, I finally got Emery to 7-Eleven to have a free Slurpee on her birthday, 7-11. For years, we never lived anywhere near a 7-Eleven in KS and NM.
We celebrated with some donuts first thing in the morning, thanks to the Petta's (more on that later).
Since we were on a trip last week, we didn't have time to celebrate her 8th birthday with her promised earrings so we got them today. About 2 years ago, we told Emery that if she proved herself responsible and mature to not overly focus on her appearance but to focus on her character, we would let her get earrings. She kept checking in - How am I doing mom? Am I still on track to get earrings? - for years. And she showed herself ready for them. So she picked herself up some cross earrings. I still remember how much she loved her first pair of earrings 6 years ago (click here and here).
It is so fun to have Emery as our daughter. I know Sandy loves having her to do all sorts of fun girl things together. Emery is so helpful in the kitchen and all around the house. She loves to cook and be a hard worker. She loves animals, roller skating, singing and especially, gymnastics. She loves crafts and drawing too. She definitely loves God's Word and works hard to truly receive God's Word in her heart. She is conscientious, careful and quite disciplined. She has started reading very well recently too.
She's my little girl, and hopefully, I have a few more years left of carrying her close! We love you Emery! Happy birthday!

Monday, July 7, 2014

1 Peter 2:11, Proverbs 7:24-27 and Psalm 37:4

After almost a year here in NorCal, we've started to get back into some sort of a normal routine, sort of.
Which means that we are memorizing our verses again. Andrew continues on with 1 Peter 2:11.
Here is Proverbs 7:24-27. It is the conclusion to the warning about the adulterous woman. You really should read Proverbs 7:1-23 to get the full context.
Lastly is Psalm 37:4. May the Lord be Andrew's delight.