Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Violin

Guess who started learning the violin?
After years of wanting to start playing, Emery finally got her wish. She's starting on a tiny, tiny quarter size violin, and she LOVES it. She practices every day and asks me for help. Now that's dedication. Well, for the first month at least. We'll see how long this lasts.
It brought back old memories of my violin playing days. I'm not sure if they're old memories or PTSD flashbacks! Ha! I'm over it now. It only took about 20 years though.
I didn't realize my own son was photo bombing us though until I posted this pic. Matt!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Roseville Meet

Emery has started gymnastics in earnest this year. She's part of Excel Silver in the younger age group (under 10). And last weekend was her very first competitive meet.
She practices twice a week and absolutely LOVES gymnastics. It's been a joy to see her work hard, discipline herself and overcome her fears through gymnastics.
The beam was her first event. She got a little confused as she accidentally started on the wrong side. But she recovered well and scored an 8.5 for 7th place (out of 12).
Next she hit the floor. She did AWESOME! And scored a 9.125 for 2nd place.
That looks fun doesn't it?
Next was vault where she scored an 8.7 for 3rd.
Last was bars. Unfortunately, dad fell asleep behind the camera and didn't get it on in time. It was a great routine though. Trust me. She scored a 9.2 for 4th place.
Emery's all around score was a 35.525 for 4th place. It was quite the day!
5 medals at her first meet. Great job Emery!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Happy 10th Birthday Matt!

I'm a little late in posting this, but we did celebrate Matt's birthday on time.
The highlight of his birthday was having his Cancun come to celebrate with him. It was definitely a low key party as we spent most of the day moving. But we went out to dinner at the restaurant of his choice which of course was Korean with lots of Kalbi and Kimchee. He got some presents from the family including a Geronimo Stilton book, a SF 49ers hat and what else, but a CHILLOW! Even though he worked hard all day helping us move without complaint on his birthday, he still said that this was his "best birthday ever!" Gotta love Matt. Happy birthday bud.