Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Andrew tried out track this year for the first time. It's gone pretty well. I'll post more on this later, but for now, he has enjoyed this intense one month of a track season.
He's done the mile, the 800, and the 200, but his favorite so far is the 200.
He's also done some relays - the 4x100 which is a lot more action and the 4x400 which has some moments like the one above.
Here he is doing the long jump.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Infinity 500

At our Wed night children's program  (Generations to Come or GTC for short), we have an annual derby car race. Last year, Matt won in the first heat but lost in the semi-final heat. This year, we were determined to do better. Although he won in the first heat, he lost again in the semi-final, this time by just 0.01 seconds. It was a razor thin margin. His Verizon car didn't quite have enough juice.
Emery decided to go for style points and try to win for best style. Unfortunately, she didn't win either but hers was super cute and creative in my opinion.
Oh well. Like I always say to the boys and girl, God makes the winners and losers. Your cars were still great!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

8 - 0

Andrew finished up his probable last Upward basketball season and what a way to go out - undefeated. The last game was a flurry too. Down by 6 with a couple of minutes to go, the team made a furious rally to win by 6. It was exciting!
His little bro and sis were very proud of his undefeated season. Whenever they went to his games, they kept stats. He probably averaged close to 20 points and over 10 rebounds a game. He became a power forward and a scoring machine this year.
Of course, it is easier to score when no one guards you and you can make lay-ups. :)
Every point wasn't an uncontested lay-up. He did make some jumpers too.
And some free-throws too. Congrats on a great season Andrew!