Saturday, January 31, 2015

Shooting Gallery

One of the best things about having a little more space in our new place is that the kids have more room to play. Matthew set up his own little indoor shooting gallery and has been enjoying it quite a bit. Andrew couldn't resist getting into the fun. Boys will be boys!
 Top of the stairs: the stuffed animals await their doom.
Bottom of stairs: Matthew ruthlessly shoots at them.

Thursday, January 29, 2015


Well, we now have two people in the house wearing braces. Emery got her braces on this Monday. But in addition to just the braces, she has something called a palate expander which is to widen her actual jaw on top so that there is room for all her teeth. It is pretty big and is taking some getting used to. She'll eventually get used to it.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Thank you Grandma!

Emery received this very cute hat and scarf combo that my very talented mother in law knit. She LOVES it! She was screaming with excitement when she got it. She's already worn it out twice since receiving it. Thank you Grandma Lee!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

My Christmas Journey

Emery H. Lee 
     My Christmas, which was fun, lasted a long time. First, we opened presents. I received an Olaf stuffed toy because I really wanted it. Next, we watched Big  Hero Six. It was such a dramatic movie. After that we went to grandma's house and shopped for yarn. We slept at my halmuhnee's house. My favorite thing we did was go to a cousin Christmas party. Matthew and I went swimming. It was so cold! Lastly, before we drove back home, my family stayed an my cousin Natalie's house. That was my Christmas vacation trip.  


My Awesome Vacation

My Awesome Vacation 
 Matthew Lee

       I traveled to Laguna Woods during my Christmas vacation. We drove to my grandparents' house, my other grandparents' house, and my other grandparents' house and to my our cousins. Then we watched  Big Hero 6. This was my favorite thing I did because it was sad, full of action, mysterious, funny, and scary. It was suprisingly my favorite thing to do. The main characters were Hiro, Gogo, Fred, Baymax, Callahan,Wasabi, and Honey. Callahan, who was the evil villan, wore a kabuki mask. I was sad to discover my Christmas vacation ended.